Omaha Residential and Commercial Tree Services

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Omaha Residential and Commercial Tree Services

For some, Omaha residential and commercial tree services, like landscaping, is more than a hobby.

It’s an art form.

At Great Plains Tree Care, we make sure your landscape is perfect with our Omaha residential and commercial tree services. Whether it’s removing a certain tree, pruning existing trees, or helping a tree recover from damage, we can help. As your trusted Omaha tree care specialists, we will make sure every job is performed in a professional manner.

Omaha Residential and Commercial Tree Services

Tree Removal

Although Omaha Tree Removal constitutes a large portion of our time spent in the field…

Tree Trimming

We strive to maximize the benefits that your tree currently provides as well as to foster future benefits…

Stump Grinding

The Greater Omaha Area’s urban forest is home to a wide variety of tree species…

Tree Treatments

Systemic injection is used to treat common and not so common ailments. Widely known, Emerald Ash Borer and Pine Wilt…


Please be sure to stay clear of fallen or partially fallen trees/limbs until a certified arborist or emergency professional arrives…

Tree Planting

We can help you choose the right tree(s) for the right place!

Great Plains Tree Care employs Certified Arborists to assist with your Omaha tree service needs. To become a Certified Arborist, candidates must follow the Code of Ethics for reliability and credibility, have a degree in an associated field, and have eligible and practical work experience in arboriculture. When each arborist’s individual education is combined with our team experience, it’s easy to see why we are a trusted tree service by several local nurseries in Omaha.