Great Plains Tree Care Provides High Quality, Competitively Priced
Residential and Commercial Tree Services…

  • Removals

    • The dangerous and technical work of carefully taking down trees requires the experience and honed technical skills that Great Plains Tree Care brings to each job.  Tree removal projects located close to homes, wires, and delicate landscapes are our specialty.

  • Injections

    • Systemic injection is used to treat common and not so common ailments.  Widely known; Emerald Ash Borer and Pine Wilt are two of the many diseases that we can treat with a preventative.
    • We offer a wide range of fungicide, insecticides and Micronutrient fertilizer programs available.  Our system is fast-acting  and non invasive to the surrounding environment (unlike spraying).
    • Growth regulators can keep a tree the same size and still green and healthy. Other products available as well.

  • Trimming/Pruning

    • There are various methods and approaches to pruning a tree. The needs of the tree, the customer, and the environment all come together for proper pruning.  Pruning can be done for aesthetic reasons, branch structure, directional preferecnce in relation to wires and structures.  Our pro’s will make your storm-damaged tree look the best in can be!

  • Stump Grinding

    • Many customers need only to remove a tree to the ground, but in other cases, the area may be in need of landscaping in which a stump should not be a part.  On request, we will finish the job with one of our stump grinding machines.
    • Depending on the location and type of stump, we will grind out all visible portions of the stump below grade.  This will allow for a deep bed of new top soil and the ability to install a variety of new plants.

  • Emergency

    • Storm season can produce high winds above 60 mph and above. Trees can break and destroy homes and property.  Our crew is responsive and sensitive to your damaged property.  If you have a tree on your home we will be there for you.  Projects are completed based on the level of emergency.  Ie; holes in roof, and level of hazard to people and structures.

  • Tree Planting

    • We can help you choose the right tree(s) for the right place.