Omaha Residential Tree Service

For some, residential landscaping is more than a hobby.

It’s an art form.

At Great Plains Tree Care, we make sure your landscape is perfect with our Omaha residential tree service. Whether it’s removing a certain tree, pruning existing trees, or helping a tree recover from damage, we can help. As your trusted Omaha tree care specialists, we will make sure every job is performed in a professional manner.

Great Plains Tree Care’s Residential Tree Services

Great Plains Tree Care's shredder is shredding trees after a tree removal in the Omaha metro area.

Tree Removal

Great Plains Tree Care approaches each tree removal as a unique case. We view tree removal as a last-resort option. So, if  your tree can be saved, we are trained and prepared to do everything we can to save it. However, sometimes the best solution is complete tree removal. When this is the case, our experienced crew will be there to provide safe and professional tree removal services. 

Great Plains Tree Care employee pruning shrubs and trees in the Omaha area.

Aesthetic Pruning

Great Plains Tree Care knows that the residential tree service known as pruning is a two-result process: the aesthetics and the promotion of sustainable growth.

Great Plains Tree Care's shredder is shredding trees after a tree removal in the Omaha metro area.

Stump Grinding

One residential tree service that many Omaha residents don’t consider beforehand is stump grinding. Let Great Plains Tree care help guide you through the process. Waiting on stump removal can actually be more time consuming and costly than removing the stump at the time of the tree removal, so let us discuss your options and determine the solution that is best for your project. 

Employee from Great Plains Tree Care in Omaha utilizing tree injections to help rescue a tree.

Spraying + Injections

We offer residential tree treatments such as spraying and injections. We customize treatment for your particular situation and needs. Customization is essential, especially when pets and children frequent your yard.

Omaha emergency tree removal of a tree falling on a house in Omaha

Emergency Tree Services

Not all residential tree services can be foreseen. Our crew is committed to your safety 24/7, offering Emergency tree services when needed. 

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