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Omaha Tree Removal


We provide removal options, so you can feel confident when choosing the best solution for you.

Omaha tree removal constitutes a large portion of our time spent in the field; however, we like to view complete removal as a last resort action. Trees provide oxygen and clean the air we breathe. Preserving trees whenever possible is in line with the spirit of our mission, “to improve the quality of life in Omaha and its surrounding communities by directly improving the health of our mutually inhabited urban forest.” Because of this, when looking at tree removal, we first determine if there is a solution less drastic than actual tree removal.

When it comes to tree removal, safety is first

Tree removal job sites in the Omaha metro area are among the most hazardous across all Omaha area industries. At Great Plains Tree Care, safety is always first. We strive to maximize the benefits that your tree currently provides to foster future benefits, so long as it poses no safety threat. This concept begins with the vigilant safety routines and precautions rehearsed daily by our skilled crew.

The Threat of Danger Extends Beyond Those on the Job

When Omaha homeowners unknowingly hire untrained, uncertified and under-equipped companies, they often ALSO hire an UNINSURED or underinsured entity. This is where the home/property owner now inherits direct risk to him-/herself. Not only is there direct risk of damage to property, but also liability involved in injury/death occurring on personal property. For the proper completion of the job, Great Plains Tree Care studies and continuously rehearses the most advanced techniques involving tree removal safety in the industry.

For your peace of mind, we are a properly certified, licensed and insured tree removal service in Omaha.

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